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– Article on the general sadugiri of the 2 wheel companies…

Soon is like 2 days 🙂


Public Servants…or Public Serpents???

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Year after year we have elected these people. Year after year we have paid for them to enjoy the perks on the job. We still dont get what we deserve. Actually, I think we do get what we deserve.

These very bureaucrats are what pull the country down. Today, 36 of our elected representatives did not attend question hour. Where were they???

Enjoying their siestas in AC rooms whose electricity bills are paid by us? Protected by a posse of policemen and paramilitary who are paid by us?

It is time the country of one billion, stood up against the tyranny of a select few.

What is it, if not SADUGIRI at its highest…

Future News : Bajaj Rebranding Exercise

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Nov, 28 2010: Sources : Highly placed sources at Bajaj have informed this reporter on condition of anonymity that Bajaj is going to have a major change in this coming year. As Bajaj is planning to enter the four wheel market after having a significant presence in the two and three wheeler market, they have decided to diversify the names so that it becomes easier for people to identify the brand.

The two wheeler brand will henceforth be rebranded Pulsar. Going forward all bikes which are designed and developed by Bajaj will be called Bajaj Pulsar XXX.  (XXX denoted the CC class). In the pipeline are Two 100 cc bikes, a 125 cc and 135 cc bike. A 90 cc bike designed to replace the very successful M80 is also in the design stage. It will be called M-Pulsar 90. The reason for choosing the Pulsar brand name is because most people in India relate this to powerful and value for money. So people will perceive the 90cc bike as being more powerful than competitors 100 cc and so on.

Also all bikes will carry the DTS acronym. The DTS is a widely important Acronym which can mean Digital Twin Spark, Digital Triple Spark (a technology which is being developed), Dual Techno Spark (Where the sparking will be timed by a 64 bit microcomputer to give best performance and fuel economy) etc.

All bikes above 200cc will be sold and serviced by ProBiking centers, which will be rebranded as Pulsar Super biking centers (Super indicates the more powerful Chetak brand scooters which will also now  be sold and serviced here).

The Scooter segment will see the revival of the super successful Chetak brand. Henceforth all scooters (automatic/geared) will be called Chetak. A or M will be used to denote Automatic or Manual gears. On offer will be the Chetak 100A, 90A, 125A and 150A. They are designed to take on Honda, Hero Honda, Mahindra two wheeler and Suzuki offerings like Activa, Rodeo, duro, flyte, Access etc. Also On Offer will be Chetak 125M and 150M scooters for people who like manual transmissions. All scooters above 175cc will be called Chetak Super CCC (engine capacity). All scooters will also feature the DTS tag.

The three wheeler segment will see revival of the Autorickshaw brand name. There will be new offerings in this segment to take on rivals like APE and TVS. The vehicles will be named ARCCCSPL (AR-AutoRickshaw, CCC- engine CC, SPL-Special Features). On offer will be AR150MET (for Metros and cities with low emission Norms), AR150NMT(Non Metros), AR150APT(special Airport rickshaw with space to accommodate the typical large Soft luggage used by flyers). AR250APT (250 cc airport spl). The rickshaws will have special foreigner traffic mode called FART for Foreigner Auto Rear Tuktuk, which will create authentic TukTuk noise that the foreigners like. This will be endorsed by the Tourism board and will be featured in the next Daniel boyle movie. All rickshaws will also sport the DTS tag.

A common feature across all three segments will be LED taillights, Digital Console, 3D tags etc.

The four wheeler segment has yet to take on a name. But will likely be Amby or Model T.

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SADUGIRI at its best!

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Taking advantage of the freedom of speech,  here is a blog which will be FUN and stupid at the same time.

Some crystal gazing into the future.  Also some good tips!!!

And Please support the cause. It is FREE. I dont  get anything, but someone will get some help.